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Refurbished Marker

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Dangerous Power E1 Marker (Factory Refurbish)
Refurbished marker may has anodized defective and comes with 30 days warranty sold as is. ..
$189.00 $99.95
Dangerous Power E2 Marker (Refurbished)
Marker is fully functional and passed factory inspections. Might have minor cosmatic issue such a..
$259.95 $159.95
Dangerous Power Fusion Elite Marker (Refurbished)
Refurbished marker has minor cosmatic defect came with stander warranty, please noted refurbished..
$699.95 $399.95
Dangerous Power G5 Marker (Refurbished)
This orange marker came with a black barrel and comes with 90 days warranty sold as is. ..
$299.99 $269.99
Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Refurbish Marker
 *Please noted refurbished marker will not be eligibal for any rebate or promotion program. ..
$559.00 $309.99
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